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Osteopathy found me…. I had never heard the word before nor could I pronounce it. Being active and a lover of all sports from childhood, I was drawn to the idea of working with people, their bodies and how they function, move and heal. Upon reading a little about Osteopathy, I just knew that this was me.

I completed a Bachelor of Clinical Science and Master of Health Science at Victoria University in 2001. Little did I know that the pathway to becoming an Osteopath would be so diverse and challenging yet fulfilling and rewarding. My studies at university were just the start of what has grown into an expansive and well-traveled learning adventure.

The exploration of Osteopathy has continued ever since my first days as a student.  I volunteered at a couple amateur AFL clubs as a student and then went on to treat the VFL and AFL umpires. This allowed me the opportunity to work with an array of sporting injuries. On completion of my studies, I took steps to learn more about Osteopathy in the Cranial Field (OCF). I have participated in an SCTF basic course, followed by numerous courses designed by Dr James Jealous in Hawaii, Oregon, New Zealand and Australia. With a strong passion for treating babies and children, I was also involved in the Melbourne Children’s Clinic, a volunteer and teaching community-based initiative treating children and their families. Most of the courses I have participated in have been centred around OCF and the treatment of children. I have also enjoyed exploring other avenues such as visceral manipulation by the Barral Institute, primitive reflexes, calm birth for practitioners and Spinning Babies. I will continue to incorporate a wide variety of interesting learnings to add to my Osteopathic foundation.

As of December 2020, I opened up my own practice in Caulfield North, Melbourne. I will continue to provide Osteopathic treatment for patients while working alongside a fabulous collaborative team of other allied health practitioners. You’ll also see some complementary additions to the clinic with organic, local and sustainable products for health and home – find out more about Pebble Lane here.

I have a passion for all things health and a curiosity to learn and explore all aspects of health. I continue to enjoy all things sport, returning to play sports that I played as a child and learning new activities like yoga, and doing things I didn’t think I could do – like handstands. I was born with the travel bug, so I continue to explore new sites and cultures. France is always on my list to visit my large extended family. I also have a love for healthy tasty cooking. Nourishing the body from the inside and out is vital to a holistic approach and so I always incorporate some useful movement tips, ergonomic advice or new food ideas or recipes to any osteopathic treatment.

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